The “Forget You” Diet

Ahh…  Cee Lo Green … we do think alike…  In a single phrase, his new Top 40 Motown-sounding hit, Forget You, says it all (click link below to listen).  Given my tendency to make just about anything relevant to weight loss (including Top 40 hits), I have composed a list of 10 things that deserve a big Forget You for long lasting weight loss…

Forget You

1. Food industry – aka the drug dealers.  Thank you for manufacturing substances that tap reward centers in my brain making me feel like I can’t live without them.  You have learned so much from the tobacco industry, you should be proud.  As much as I love trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and products with sugar/fat content that defies nature, I have to say, I’m spending my money elsewhere.   Forget You.

2. Mean People – aka the underminers.  “Are you going to eat THAT?!”   These are the people who via comments and judgment make you feel less than or that you can’t achieve the healthy lifestyle/weight that you strive for.   Sometimes it is motivated by a desire to help, and other times it is motivated by a desire to hold you back.  Either way, guess what?   Forget You.

3.  Fear – aka the voice in your head (often implanted by the people described in #3) that says you can’t do a thing.  One of my favorite quotes is by Henry Ford, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”   You can do it.  Fear only shows up when invited.   Forget You.

4.  Media – Celebrities, models, and pop stars  with personal trainers and hair and makeup teams to help them look good are put in front of us, making it difficult not to compare yourself and feel less than or just angry.  This is just the business they are in, not ours.  We don’t have or need their bodies, and they don’t have our talents, skills, or emotional stability!  Everybody has their own thing, on their own path.  Comparing oneself to others, whether it be celebrities, friends or family, will never leave you feeling good.  Stay focused on your own path.  Super models:   Forget You.

5.  Magic Pills – Pills, you have done enough damage.  Pharmaceutical side effects have been implicated as a contributor to the obesity epidemic and now companies want to reverse the curse with more pharmaceuticals?  Thanks but no thanks, let’s walk it off together instead.  Forget You.

6. Getting Old – Ok, so this one is inevitable, but let’s not go down without a fight.  Ladies, we lose muscle mass with age and menopause takes another huge hit to our muscle mass.  This is why it is increasingly difficult to lose weight as we age.  Oh yeah?  Not if we put it back on with weight bearing exercise and strength training.  Old age?  Forget You.

7.  Fads – The people trying to make a buck by selling us on quick fixes, novelties, bells and whistles.  There are no hidden secrets on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  The unfortunate truth is that it is hard work, but the good news is that if you stay the course, it does get less hard over time.  Nothing worthwhile is easy.  Be sure not to give money to the snake oil salesman who tells you it can be easy, instead tell them:  Forget You.

8.  Treadmill –  I have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill.  If you are falling out of love or downright hate one particular exercise, it is time to try something new.  Don’t let it destroy your relationship with exercise altogether.  In the words of Monty Python… and now for something completely different! Sorry treadmill, Forget You.

9.  Restaurants – Another love/hate relationship.  They serve us heavily oiled, buttered, sugared, and salted food using magically delicious recipes and in portions large enough to feed a small third world country.  Entering their doors is like entering an altered reality where sopping bread in dishes filled with oil, consuming small fried food bits before a meal, and eating a pound of pasta at a time seems normal.  Two fast facts:  1. The number of calories the average person consumes in a restaurant meal is 2-3 times that of a meal eaten at home.  2. The number of times you eat out a week is directly related to your body mass index.  Yikes!  It’s ok to go, but do so sparingly, and go equipped with nutrition information (which can be quickly had via a Google search for most chain restaurants), a plan to split a meal, and/or an industrial supply of take out boxes.  Restaurants trying to undermine a healthy lifestyle?  Forget You.

10.  Diabetes – By 2020, 1 in 2 Americans will have type 2 diabetes.  If you have diabetes, you can control it rather than have it control you with moderate weight loss via diet, exercise.  The landmark Look Ahead study showed that people with type 2 diabetes who adopted a healthy diet, regular exercise and lost a modest amount of weight were able to control their blood sugars, dramatically improve their fitness level, and reduce their risk for heart disease.   If you don’t have diabetes but might be at risk due to overweight or elevated blood sugars, you can prevent it with moderate weight loss, diet and exercise.  The landmark Diabetes Prevention Program study found that a 7% weight loss through lifestyle changes prevented diabetes in high-risk men and women more so than metformin, the main medication used to treat elevated blood sugars.  Diabetes?  Forget You.

Celebrate the Forget You sentiment in this best workout song of the week (Forget You!):

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  1. Mike B says:

    Love the Quote from Monty Python that alone would make me a life long fan, but glad to see you didn’t stop there. The Mean people are always something that gets in the way, they try to make you feel bad for eating right and working out. I think they try to make you think you’re the one that’s weird so they feel better.
    I do think that you can eat out often if you do your research; I remember a day that I was on the road and had to eat fast food and sherry gave me a meal plan that I followed. I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks ALL FAST FOOD!!! And did not go over 1800 calories for the day and was full all day as well. Had I did it without Sherry’s help I would had more than tripled that (I looked it up and I would have eaten about 5,500 calories that day. So eating out can be done but you have to ask, do research, and make good decisions. I was at a chain BBQ restaurant the other day that even had 600-calorie dinners, they also had many that were 1500 calories, you just have to make the right choices.
    Thanks again sherry for some good stuff, KEEP IT UP!

  2. Julie M says:

    I really love this article. I am very structured in my diet and exercise routine. I recently ordered off Adiamo’s lower calorie menu and was ridiculed my my dining companion for not choosing something from the “regular menu”. Why blow the caloric intake for a week just because you are out to eat? Furthermore, how awesome to have a chef prepare me a more nutritious meal for a change, instead of always doing it myself at home! I’ve also heard people don’t want to be friends with runners they are so weird and regimented!! How funny, when making healthy lifestyle choices you are looked at as a “freak.”

  3. Kristin says:

    What a great approach! But I think you also need the other side. If I say “Forget you” to all those things, what can I embrace instead?

  4. John P says:

    Spot on Sherry!

  5. Barb,RN says:

    Loved your “Forget you” diet. Here’s one of my favorite quotes:
    “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz (famous football coach) This can be applied to everything including weight loss and healthy living.

  6. Mike b says:

    Kristin if you say “FU” to all that stuff I think you can embrace a life of feeling good about yourself. knowing that your in shape because of hard work and sacrifice is a great feeling. Also embrace that when you give yourself a treat it’s EARNED!! you don’t have to feel guilty when you do it and I think that makes us enjoy it that much more.
    As for not being friends with runners, what fools, my life is better and healthier because of my running friends!! They are my best motivators !!

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