Sunday July 24, 2011 is the first annual International PlankADay Day!  To honor this international holiday (sorry, Hallmark card is still stuck in negotiations), I challenge all plankers to join me in the WORLD Plank An Hour Challenge!  To play, all you do is plank once an hour for 12 hours of the day (e.g., 8 am – 8 pm).   You select the starting time you are comfortable with and then just plank right through the day!  (If you are new to PlankADay see the PlankADay Revolution page on this website for more). http://www.fudiet.com/plank-a-day-revolution/ In short, a “plank” is an amazing, brief, simple exercise (demonstrated in photo) that simultaneously strengthens your entire core (abdominals and back).  Strengthening your core is extremely important to avoid back pain and injury, improve posture and balance, and of course achieve a tighter, stronger, more toned tummy.

Reminders and Tips:

1. Select a plank duration that is mildly but not overly challenging to make sure you can get through all 12.

2. Be sure to keep good form in your planks.  As you become tired you may find that your form erodes such that your core isn’t straight and your butt begins to lift up  or drop down.  It’s important to pick a plank time that will not cause you to fade too much, because a bad form plank will not work the abs.  That’s no good!

3.  Don’t focus too much on the stopwatch and be sure to focus on your breathing while planking.  Music can be a nice plank distraction!

4. Don’t be shy about planking in public places.  We have plankers who have done so on street corners, airports, dressing rooms, family gatherings, and other locations with no ill effects.

5.  Recruiting others into your plank madness is especially fun.  I strongly encourage you to invite unsuspecting family, friends, and passersby to join PlankAnHour and PlankADay!  DISCLAIMER: Small children will often enthusiastically agree to join you but are prone to turning your plank into a pony ride which can be…well… significantly more painful than a regular plank.

6.  Finally, don’t forget to tweet #PlankADay (or post on our Facebook page–PlankADay) for each of your planks, so we can cheer on your progress!  The use of puns (the worse the better), insanity, song lyrics, silly phrases, and other forms of ridiculousness is HIGHLY encouraged.

7.  Have a plankin’ good time!

Happy Planking!




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