Plank-At-Work Challenge: August 22-26

Several studies have recently emerged showing a relationship between sitting time and mortality.  We are sitting ourselves to death!  We often equate sitting time with the amount of TV we watch, but sitting time is MUCH more than the idiot box.  Do you have an office job?  How long do you sit at work?  Do you use a computer?  How many hours a day?  One study showed that uninterrupted, prolonged sitting time is worse than intermittent sitting time.  The key is to get up once in a while and move around.  Need some inspiration?

I noticed several of the plankers in #PlankADay tweeting about doing their planks at work as a way to interrupt their sitting time.  (If you aren’t familiar with #PlankADay see this: These workday plankers have inspired this month’s plank challenge, which is aptly named, the Plank At Work Challenge.

Here is how it works.  The challenge is to complete 1 plank at work per workday, Monday through Friday, for the entire week of Aug 22-26.  That is a total of only 5 planks to accomplish the challenge, but they MUST be at work!!!!  If you have a job where it would be tough to plank out in the open, you have to find a place to secretly plank.  If you are the kind of person who is used to humiliating yourself at work, then you are lucky, plank in front of everyone since they expect this kind of thing of you.

Do you want to not just accomplish the challenge but to WIN the challenge??   Here’s how to compete to win.  Highest points for the week wins.

You will earn 1 point per 1 minute of work planking (1 minute plank = 1 point, 2 minute plank= 2 pts, two 1 minute planks = 2 points).

You will earn 1 extra point for each unsuspecting co-worker that you can get to plank with you (who is not a current member of PlankADay).   The maximum points earned from each coworker is 1 (regardless of how long or frequently they plank).   Please mention the coworker in your plank tweet somehow (e.g., 1 min #plankaday with SP at #work).

You will earn 3 points if that co-worker is your BOSS (e.g., 1 min #plankaday with BOSS at #work).

If the coworker actually joins PlankADay on Twitter you get 5 points!

What do the points add up to you ask?  Gosh you are greedy!  How about bragging rights?  Not enough?  How about a PlankADay t-shirt!?  As always, you must include the #plankaday hashtag to your planks and for work planks add the hashtag #work when the plank is a work plank (e.g., 1 min #plankaday at #work). (If you forget your hashtag, just tweet it again with the hashtag).

Let’s create a fun and healthy work habit together!

If you are on vacation that week, no worries, we will have the Plank At Work Challenge again!   And, stay tuned for another PlankAnHour Challenge in September!


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  1. Diane says:

    We’ve been planking every day at work for about 2 weeks. I just saw this challenge. Will you be doing it again soon?

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