PlankADay Music Video Vol 1: Send your pics and clips!


Have you joined PlankADay yet?   It’s a fun and easy way to keep up with your abdominal waist-whittling exercise.  Plank, tweet, repeat and if you miss, beware of the Plank Police!  Check out #PlankADay for more information on how to join this Twitter-based community around abdominal exercise.   To make it even more fun, we are going to make a music video of our Plank Nation doing what they do best!

Many of the wonderful plankers in Plank Nation have allowed us a window into their lives by tweeting pictures of themselves planking.  We discovered that we have plankers all over the world…and we have discovered we have plankers who plank in most unusual settings, including around their homes, work, around town, in airports, on mountains, on playgrounds, on the beach, in dressing rooms, with Big Bird, you name it!   We now would like to raise the bar and challenge you to take your best plank pictures or video clips and send them to us!   Why do such a thing you ask?  To be featured in the inaugural #PlankADay Youtube Music Video!  Email your best plank pics or video clips to me at and they will appear in our video!  This is your 15 nanoseconds of fame, don’t let it pass!!

Need an idea?  Find an unusual place to plank, do a group plank pic, show us your usual plank location, show us what you do while planking (we know you have some interesting multi-tasking going on!), or show us pics of your plank being attacked by those small children and pets that you tweet about.  We want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly!

And don’t forget, Plank An Hour is this Friday, September 16, which gives you a great chance to take some great plank pics!  Or if you already have great pics or videos of your planks, send those right along!  The deadline for plank pics is Friday, September 23rd at midnight EST.  After that, the pics and videos will go into production for our very first #PlankADay Music Video courtesy of Robyn’s Nest Video Creations.  Represent your city, country, and/or insanity!  Send your pics and videos now!

Happy Planking!!

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  1. John Jasko says:

    See sun the old man can plank.

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