September #PlankADay Challenge!


As you may have noticed, every month Plank A Day has a special bar-raising challenge.   We have had Plank An Hour, which involves planking once per hour from 8am to 8pm on a designated day.  We have had Plank At Work, which means planking at work once a day, every day of the work week.  This month we are unveiling:  Plank An Hour on a Workday.  This is our toughest challenge yet!  The challenge is scheduled for Friday, September 16.  To complete this challenge you must plank once per hour for 12 hours of the day.  You may pick any 12 hours, but you must plank 12 times over the course of the day.  Be sure to tweet your planks using #plankaday hashtag or post them on the Plank A Day Facebook page.  For fun, invite unsuspecting coworkers to join your challenge and/or take pictures of you planking in strange work circumstances (e.g., parking lot, your office, the conference room, the bathroom, the lobby, the cafeteria, and on the bosses desk!). If you aren’t working that day, never fear, you can still do Plank An Hour! Just plank where ever you are!

Each person who completes this challenge will get a personal mention (along with a link to your website/blog and any of your funny plank pics) on the Plank A Day page!

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