November #PlankADay and #ThankADay Challenge

I read a really cool blog post the other day by Becky Wolsk @GoalsGamified blogger and author, in which she proposes a November challenge that involves tweeting one thing you are thankful for each day.  See the full post here:  

She explains, “use the #ThankADay hashtag to tweet at least once a day your gratitude for something going on in your life, or a person, or a non-profit, or a business, or a book, or an idea that helped you in 2011, and that might help other people also.”  She calls it #ThankADay as a play on #PlankADay, which is the abdominal exercise challenge launched by Mike Bauman @mbfgmike and I back in June, where we tweet our having completed an ab plank each day.

I would like to encourage others to join me in combining their #PlankADay with a #ThankADay in November.  Each time you tweet your planks, tweet your thanks.

Example tweet:

#PlankADay for 1 min.  #ThankADay for having the privilege to work with @geminijp23

I love the idea of making exercise a time to think about gratitude.  I noticed that when people make the transition from forcing themselves to exercise to loving exercise is when exercise becomes more than just exercise to them.  It becomes a time to think.  Destress.  Plan.   Problem solve.  Get ideas.  Clear the head.  Feel sad.  Recover.  Get happy.  Get lost in music.  Unplug.  Feel inspired.

Whatever it is, it’s more than just exercise.  It becomes this necessary thing to achieve mental and physical homeostasis.  Whether you have experienced that transition in your exercise or not, I urge you to add a #ThankADay to your #PlankADay this month as an experiment in letting the mind and body mingle a little.  Maybe, just maybe, something interesting will come of that…

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  1. Mbfgmike says:

    I am 100% on board with this!!!

  2. Colleen says:

    I love this idea

  3. Susab Bakke says:

    I think its great…..and makes us all think about how much we truly have…along with it!!!

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