The Joy of Planking: Adding Variation to Your Plank Life

I’ll admit that I have been a one-position planker since starting PlankADay with Mike Bauman @mbfgmike in June.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my regular position plank, it’s fun, challenging, I’ll even sweat a little.  The problem is I’m beginning to worry that I’m boring.  I worry my plank thinks I’m boring.  I see plank tweets reporting all kinds of variations, like side planks, spiderman style, dolphin style, plank jacks, and it makes me feel like I’m missing out on something.  Like there’s a party going on and I’m not part of it.  I don’t want a boring plank life!

In my desperation, I consulted with my big sister, Julie Mulcahy, MPT @PTrunningmomof4 also known as the #PlankADay physical therapist, for some advice on how to mix things up.  She told me I need to embrace the Joy of Planking and she demonstrates 5 variations in the video below which are guaranteed to add some spice to your plank life…

If you haven’t joined #PlankADay yet… check this out and join us!

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  1. WhoHasTheRuns says:

    Those are some impressive plank variations and Julie is a natural instructor. I may have to join the PlankADay revolution.

    Any chance I could see video from Julie on how to stretch/strengthen my hips and hip flexors.

  2. John Pagoto says:

    Great explanation and demonstration of some of my favorite core variations to the standard plank.

  3. Mbfgmike says:

    Love the jack knife, I will have to try it

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