Since I joined Twitter I have been tweeting a reason to exercise each day in an effort to motivate people to make exercise a regular part of their lives.  We all know it’s hard, so a little extra motivation never hurts.  Although there are many obvious reasons to exercise including good health, weight management, fitness, improved mental health and preventing type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, I do not focus on these reasons, but instead focus on the lesser known, more immediate, and arguably the MOST important benefits of exercise.  I have compiled a list of 1,000 of these reasons to exercise and the list just grows and grows.  See the end of this post for a sampling of the most important reasons to exercise, most of which I’m sure you have never even considered!

Reasons to exercise often come to me while exercising or are inspired by the benefits to exercising that I have experienced myself.  Coming up with all these reasons to exercise has been about as exhausting as exercise itself, so now I turn to you.  I urge you to dig deep and think of your best reasons to exercise.

On that note, I am launching my BEST EVER #ReasonToExercise CONTEST.  From now through December 5, I ask you to submit your best #ReasonToExercise for entry into the contest.  You may submit by entering your reason as a comment to this post, tweet it to me on Twitter, DM it to me on Twitter, send it to me on Facebook, or email it to me.  If you tweet your reason, be sure to use the #ReasonToExercise hashtag! There is NO limit to the number of reasons you can submit to the contest.  The full list of reasons submitted by you will be posted here at and two winners will be selected, one for the BEST reason to exercise, and one for the WORST reason to exercise.  Winners will receive 1) the inaugural FUdiet t-shirts with their reason to exercise printed on the back, 2) tons of tweeting of their winning reason, and of course… 3) huge bragging rights.

No contest is complete without some well-qualified and unbiased judges. Let me introduce them…

Julie Mulcahy, MPT  is a physical therapist, mother of 4 children, three-time marathon runner (Disney, Chicago, and Cincinnati), and expert consultant to #PlankADay having provided proper instruction tips as well as a video of fun plank variations.  Julie can be found on Twitter at @PTRunningMomof4 .


Benjamin Young, CEO of Nexercise, an ingenious mobile application that actually gives you rewards for exercising.  Huh? What?!  Yeah, that’s right, rewards for exercising. Click here to download it for free on iTunes.  See Nexercise featured in the Washington Post, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Reuters. Follow Ben @OBenYoung and @Nexercise on Twitter.

Mike Bauman is Co-Founder of #PlankADay, founder of #CandyFree, and host of the blog, Improving Life Through Sarcasm.  He is an avid runner, lover of candy, tweeter of motivation, owner of possibly the best Twitter pic ever, and professional wise ass.  Mike can be found on Twitter at @mbfgmike.


Judges will be evaluating each reason in terms of the following criteria: Ridiculous, Funny, True, and Creative.

Start sending me your reasons!!!

To inspire you, here are a few of my favorite Reasons To Exercise from my list of 1,000:

#ReasonToExercise 44: Because your DVR called and said one more episode of Desperate Housewives and I quit.

#ReasonToExercise 32: If your life has been nothing but a series of bad decisions, the decision to exercise is a great way to break the streak!

#ReasonToExercise 50: Because other addictions are too damn expensive.

#ReasonToExercise 988: Good idea to always be in shape to run away from the next mess you create.

#ReasonToExercise 567: Socially acceptable excuse to escape responsibilities, kids, chores & work. For chrissakes, what more do you want?

#ReasonToExercise 234: Because let’s be honest, you’re kind of a stress case.

#ReasonToExercise 593: Exercise removes you from the presence of annoying people for a good hour each day.

#ReasonToExercise 266: Because people at the gym give you weird looks when you try to watch the TV without actually doing any exercise.

#ReasonToExercise 765: Races are a great way to build a t-shirt collection that you think you didn’t pay for.

#ReasonToExercise 12: Because gyms hope you sign up and then never go, so by going you just tick them off which is always fun.

#ReasonToExercise 232: Because (I’m told) you can’t go around punching people in the face.

#ReasonToExercise 298: In the event of the unfortunate Walk of Shame…be in shape to RUN!

#ReasonToExercise 560: Exercise gives you some good solid time to plan a strategy to get back at that son-of-a @#&!.

#ReasonToExercise 423: Because all the cool kids are and back in the day that was reason enough for you to do MUCH stupider $h/t.

#ReasonToExercise 671: Because your sofa called and said he’s feeling smothered lately.

#ReasonToExercise 901: Cure for PMS that doesn’t involve punching someone in the face.

#ReasonToExercise 897: Gym membership is cheaper than cable. Save money by watching all your shows at the gym.

#ReasonToExercise 480: Gives you an impressive way to start any story: “So I’m on my 5th mile when…”

#ReasonToExercise 557: In the very likely event you put your foot in your mouth, be in shape to run away with the other foot.

#ReasonToExercise 564: If you are kind of a loser in life, sign up for a race and lose with 1000 other people. It’s fun!

Looking forward to hearing YOUR reasons to exercise!

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  1. Mbfgmike says:

    I love reading your reasons to exercise every day and I’m excited to judge the contest!

  2. Vanessa Mouton says:

    Reason To Exercise: So you can have your cake & eat it too.

  3. I love the idea of more people exercising. So important for overall health.

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