Reason To Exercise Contest THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE!

Several weeks ago I put out a call for YOUR best reasons to exercise and boy did you respond!  While the judges are hard at work selecting their favorite for the Contest, I decided to post some of your responses.  Because there were SO many responses, I organized them into categories and posted the “best of” for each category.

Disclaimer:  Reading the following may make you extremely motivated to engage in physical activity.  If so, consider operating a bicycle, exercise equipment, your feet, and/or other body parts.

Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart…and Belly

#ReasonToExercise Because then you get to call scarfing down pasta “carb loading” and it’s all good!   @AngieBPearson

#ReasonToExercise Because I’m in a pretty serious relationship with homemade bread.  @ShellyStout

#ReasontoExercise  As much as it sounds like it may burn calories, Thanksgiving Stuffing is neither an activity or an exercise. @Runs4Coffee

#ReasonToExercise Because every weekend I add back what I lost on weekdays #DitkaAndIHaveSameBellyMeasurements&Idon’tEvenDrinkBeer  #dabears  @Goalsgamified

#ReasontoExercise  There is more to weight training than super sets of quarter pound hamburgers. @Runs4coffee

#ReasonToExercise Because it keeps us out of the tequila in the pantry.  @kareym

#ReasonToExercise So I can truly justify why I order an alfalfa sprout and tofu burger on a gluten free bun when I go to the deli.  @stevew2

#ReasonToExercise Because someone likes to eat Christmas cookies!!! A LOT OF CHRISTMAS COOKIES. @ShellyStout

#ReasonToExercise Because you (and I) vice-d this past weekend and will only eat cleanly until Friday…or Thursday night. @Goalsgamified

#ReasontoExercise Your six pack is held together by plastic rings @Runs4Coffee

#ReasonToExercise Because that cheesecake isn’t going to eat itself.  @Locapoca

#ReasonToExercise Because I really really really like poutine.   @Locapoca

#ReasonToExercise Because nothing tastes as good as good as skinny feels. Except maybe chocolate cake. @Laurienorio

#ReasonToExercise So you can have your cake and eat it too:-)  @vmouton

#ReasontoExercise Ben and Jerry are not certified personal trainers. @Runs4Coffee

#ReasontoExercise Needs no explanation – BACON!!! @Runs4Coffee

#ReasonToExercise Because of fuzzy math: 2 hour workouts on Saturday morning = 2 blue cheese olive martini’s at night. @Jppagoto

#ReasonToExercise Because a friend just opened a new cheese shop. Yum cheeeese!   @baltomel

Too Sexy For Their Tweets

#ReasonToExercise So the neighbor ladies can gawk at me when I cut my grass without a shirt on.  @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise So when I’m in the old folks home I will still look good for the nurses @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise Two words, “Victoria Secret”.  @jppagoto

#ReasonToExercise Nothing is kept secret with Victoria.  @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise So I think I have a shot at Alyssa Milano.  @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise Because nothing is sexier then being healthy, strong, & fit. 😉  @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise Get in shape to trade up to a better looking girlfriend @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise So when my Popeye tattoos of a battleship look even bigger when I flex  @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise Victoria will let you in on the “secret.”  @Jppagoto @runs4coffee collaboration

#ReasonToExercise When I get checked at the airport and they ask if those are the only “guns” I am bringing on board. I can say “Yes.”  @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise Because one day those skinny parachute pants you’ve been holding onto from the 80’s might make a comeback.  @realdmk

#ReasonToExercise So my sister in law will think I am hot too!!  Stevew25

#ReasontoExercise Lasting longer doesn’t necessarily require a magical medication in the form of a little blue pill.  @Runs4coffee

#ReasonToExercise: I’m hotter than I used to be! @Juanalejandro26

#ReasontoExercise Since food has replaced your sex life; you can’t get into your own pants.  @Runs4coffee

#ReasonToExercise  So I can look young enough to still get carded for beer… @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise Because everything is better when wet. @Jppagoto

#ReasonToExercise  Speedo’s will fit a lot better.  @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise So I can enjoy looking at myself in the mirror longer each time I walk by one.  @stevew25

Head Scratchers

#ReasonToExercise  Do you people realize how many FREE bungee cords are laying on the side if the road ~ just waiting for a runner to find?!?  @Michelejacoby

#ReasonToExercise Shots go off, you realize it’s rifle season for small game, you wonder if a 120 lb woman could be considered small game? Run faster! @Michelejacoby

#ReasonToExercise 105: Today my jeans cried when I went to put them on. @Shellystout

#ReasonToExercise Maybe, just maybe, I’ll run into @IsaiahMustafa. Need to be fast enough to catch his horse so he can bake me a cake. 🙂 @boomieo

#ReasonToExercise It’s perfectly acceptable to perform burpees in mixed company. @Runs4Coffee

#ReasonToExercise Cause everyone deserves a legit reason to rub Vaseline on themselves. @Shellystout

#ReasonToExercise When people call you soft you’ll know they mean your personality and not your midsection. @chirolindsay

#ReasonToExercise Because every woman should know the joys of trying to peel off a wet sports bra. @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise  The better I get at planking, the better able I will be to play dead during the zombie apocalypse.  @xoAnge74ox

#ReasontoExercise Contrary to popular belief, a push-up bra won’t do push-ups all by itself. @Runs4coffee

#ReasonToExercise If my thighs create anymore friction, I’m gonna set myself on fire! @Shellystout

#ReasontoExercise  Your bathroom mirror just passed a lie detector test. @Runs4Coffee

#ReasonToExercise I’m the Real Slim Shady @shellystout

#ReasontoExercise  Forget Bob, Jillian, and Anna. Larry the Cable Guy your new personal trainer, Now “Git R’ Dun”!!  @runs4coffee

 No Ifs, Ands, But Plenty of Butts

#ReasontoExercise  Pedaling your ass around town isn’t illegal when you are riding in the bicycle lanes.

#ReasontoExercise You want to upgrade from buns of cinnamon to buns of steel. @Runs4coffee

#ReasonToExercise Because my shoes will never go running by themselves, but my ass will gladly get bigger by itself. @Shellystout

#ReasontoExercise The next person who slaps my ass is going to break their hand. @Runs4Coffee

#ReasontoExercise Hauling ass requires two trips. @Runs4coffee

#ReasonToExercise Built in undies = less laundry @Shellystout

Shameless Ploys To Win Contest

#ReasontoExercise  @obenyoung you are soooo smart! #shameless (remember me when you vote)  @shellystout

Less then 6hrs 2 go for the #ReasonToExercise contest! WOOT I’m getting excited. The judges R all so smart, beautiful, intelligent and divine!  @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise So I can have weekly meetings with Dr. Sherry Pagoto. @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise Who the hell else would I run with during the holiday party but @DrSherryPagoto & @DrKrisSchneider@smbakke

#ReasonToExercise Stick and stones may break my bones but #PlankADay excites me. @Runs4Coffee

#ReasonToExercise I know all of mine are not winners but you got to get them out there if you want to win!! #plankaday ROCKS!!  @Stevew25

Don’t Mess With These People

#ReasonToExercise When my baby girl starts dating I can show her “boyfriend” that I still have the ability to kick his a**!  @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise Because when you least expect it, you’ll run into your ex. And you don’t want that son of a b*&$%# to look better than you. @locapoca

#ReasonToExercise Nestlé and I can get a three hour hike in and get away from annoying visitors.  @suedruker

#ReasonToExercise I wanna live long enough to see my enemies die. #evil @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise  Because if I didn’t, I might not resist the urge to punch stupid people …. Hey look out,,, DUCK!!! @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise: Makes me bearable. @femelmed

#ReasonToExercise So I don’t strangle my kids. @kareym

#ReasonToExercise So I don’t lose my mind in #gradschool @phdstrides

#ReasontoExercise  I can race to the pile of cheap TVs at the back of the store on #blackfriday without incurring cardiac arrest.  @ultramyron

#ReasonToExercise So that my lil’ nieces and nephews can NEVER THINK they will get the upper hand on me.  @stevew25

#ReasonToExercise So I don’t drive myself insane! What do you mean? Shut up you, I gotta run!  @runningmoose13

#ReasonToExercise I get to be smug about morning runs at work. @Alex45674

#ReasonToExercise I don’t need a reason..I just do it!!!! @smbakke

If You’re Happy and You Know It…

#ReasonToExercise It helps release endorphins (feel good chemicals) which make you relaxed, calm & happy. @angela99fitness

#ReasonToExercise It takes me away like a Calgon bath.  @SMBakke

#ReasonToExercise Because nothing feels better then pushing your body to the limits & living to do it all over again the next day. @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise Gives me something to look forward to knowing that I will be healthier!!! @smbakke

#ReasontoExercise Endorphins make you feel better than anything that can be prescribed by illegible handwriting in Latin. @Runs4Coffee

#ReasonToExercise: Exercise actively expresses gratitude for health. It’s a promise kept: We promise to protect our miraculous bodies.  @Goalsgamified

#ReasonToExercise Because your life is so much better!!! @Smbakke

#ReasonToExercise It gives me hope for a healthier future as I age!!! @smbakke

#ReasonToExercise Inspires me to see how far I can go  @smbakke

#ReasonToExercise It helps in every aspect of my life!  @smbakke

If You’re Lazy and You Know It….

#ReasontoExercise You’re so exhausted you can’t get up and turn off the light, and it’s too tiring to use the clapper.  @Runs4coffee

“Can’t Get This Darn Jar Open!” Support Group

#ReasonToExercise Because having to ask a neighbour to help open a jar once is okay. But every jar? Not so much. @chirolindsay

#ReasonToExercise Because I’m kind of embarrassed when I have to ask my 4 year old to open the jar of peanut butter.  @realdmk

Money Saving Strategists

#ReasonToExercise Because not everyone can afford a personal trainer and personal chef.  @hickmanIRC

#ReasonToExercise Because my state has no concept of public transportation and gas is %^&%* expensive!  @Pantherchild

#ReasonToExercise Save on heating bills! Do a plank or some push-ups during TV commercials & turn down the thermostat! @allaboutemmy

True Dat

#ReasonToExercise Because housework can always wait! @marybarnhill

#ReasonToExercise iOS update.  @locapoca

#ReasonToExercise: 1 in 5 Indians have diabetes, high BP. @diabetic_diets

#ReasonToExercise Because it’s 2 hrs a day it’s acceptable to leave my kids with strangers at the gym.  @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise Because it justifies my shoe addiction! Wore out my shoes exercising, guess I need to buy another pair…  @drkrisschneider

#ReasonToExercise When I’m old I won’t have to hang on to the shopping cart for dear life!!!  @smbakke

#ReasonToExercise So I can countbackwards…with my waist size…40, 38, 36, 34 and the goal..32 in waist line!! @stevew25

#ReasontoExercise Pushing every button on the elevator is NOT considered taking the scenic route. Try taking the stairs. @runs4coffee

#ReasonToExercise How else are you going to justify getting up at 5 a.m.?  @allaboutemmy

#ReasonToExercise Your car is still 3 miles away and darkness is looming. @michelejacoby

#ReasonToExercise Because on my 100th birthday I will win a road race in my age group @smbakke

#ReasontoExercise When your pants are tighter and they DIDN’T just come out of the wash. @striperpedia

#ReasonToExercise Gym people are very entertaining. @shellystout

#ReasonToExercise W.W.J.D.? “He” exercises…why wouldn’t you? @Stevew25

#ReasonToExercise Because just being a part of the human race doesn’t count! @Jppagoto

Once again, thank you for your submissions! Sorry to not post them all! Keep tweeting (and Facebook’ing!) those reasons to exercise, we could all use the motivation and a good laugh!  Contest results COMING SOON!

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    So many good ones!!! This will be a tough one to judge!!! I am now open to bribes (small bills, unmarked, and non-sequential only please)

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