What is On Your 2012 BUCKET LIST?

New Year’s Resolutions suck.  We come up with lofty aspirations that crash and burn a few days later.  Resolutions to lose weight, start exercising, eat more fruit and veggies, cut back on red meat, all sound..well… BORING.   It’s no wonder people don’t stick to them!  Instead, I challenge you to create your very own 2012 BUCKET LIST.  A Bucket List is your list of FUN and EXCITING healthy activities and events to put on the 2012 calendar.  Why schedule GOALS when you can schedule FUN?!  To make sure they happen you can even start scheduling/booking them right now!   Here are 10 fun, healthy BUCKET LIST suggestions.  I want to hear your suggestions too, so add them as a comment or tweet them with #bucketlist2012.  I will create another post in a few weeks listing YOUR healthy Bucket List suggestions.

1.  GET STARTED WITH A BANG! A great kickoff to the 2012 Bucket List is by joining the #TwitterRoadRace on Jan 21, started by Doug Cassaro aka @seedouglasrun . By signing up you will be 1 of 100’s if not 1000’s of people all over the world who will be doing a 5K in their neighborhoods on the very same day.  All you do is sign up and then log in your finish time that day.  There is something exciting about knowing that we will all be doing it together.  Read the #TwitterRoadRace stream for some exciting chatter.  Click here for more info and to sign up.  It’s FREE.

2.  GIVE CANCER THE BOOT.  Sign up for a 2- or 3-day walk for breast cancer.  This is sure to be one of the most profound experiences of your life.  The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is a 2-day 39-mile walk and is coming to 9 US cities in 2012.  Check out their website to sign up and see some great training plans.  If 39-miles isn’t enough for you try the Komen 3-day 60-mile walk, coming to 14 US cities in 2012.  The experience will change your life. Guaranteed.

3.  GET HIGH.  Is there a hiking mountain you’ve always wanted to tackle, but you never really felt in shape to do it?  2012 is your YEAR!  Pull out your schedule and book the trip to do it.  With the trip on the books, you’ll be more motivated to workout because if you don’t… that mountain is going to kick your ass.

4. I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE.  Do you love to ride your bike but find it kind of boring at times?  Plan a bike tour vacation.  Check out the biking trips offered by Backroads.com and bike through the beautiful countryside anywhere from Massachusetts to Tuscany.   On GoSojourn.com you can arrange private biking trips with a group of friends.  You don’t have to go far, some may be very close to your home and can make a nice day or weekend trip.

5. WHAT’S COOKING?   Did you know Whole Foods Markets offers FREE healthy cooking classes at almost every location?  Check out the schedule events at the Whole Foods near you.  Some classes are even geared towards kids and include story telling along with cooking lessons.

6.  FRUIT OF YOUR LABORERS. If you really want to get more fruit into your diet, start a fruit club at work.  Write up a schedule where each person in a small work area can sign up to cover a week.  On your week, your job is to bring in a few bags of apples, bunches of bananas, oranges, pears, peaches, or whatever you choose for everyone for the week.  If you have 10 people in a work area, consider bringing about 50 pieces of fruit (1 per person/day) for the week.  Then everyone has free reign to dig in all week long.  Saves a trip to the vending machine.

7.  MASSAGE OF THE MONTH CLUB.  Getting healthy doesn’t just mean healthy diet and exercise, it also means stress reduction.  Too much stress can offset the benefits of an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Regular massage is excellent for stress reduction and loosening up those sore muscles.  Find a spa or massage school (much less expensive) near you and book one appointment each month of the year.  This is a nice reward for your hard efforts at exercise and something to look forward to on a stressful week. If you feel it is too self-indulgent, you are just plain wrong!  You deserve it!

8.  PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR.  Well, a healthy rock star.  Plan a fun party that is ALL about healthy food and activity.  Design a healthy menu (Cooking Light is a great source of healthy recipes) or go potluck style and have people bring their favorite healthy dish to pass. For entertainment play games like Wii Just Dance, Wii Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Sports, Kinetic Sports, Kinetic Dance Central among many others and start a competition.  Even if it’s in the dead of winter, you will be peeling off sweaters and opening up windows when the competition heats up. 

9.  LET IT SNOW.  To combat the tendency to hibernate this winter, pick a winter sport to learn this year.  Ideas include snowshoeing, snow hiking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating.  Find a local facility that offers lessons and sign up. Bring a friend and fall on your face together!

10.  ONE UP YOURSELF.  Sign up for a race that represents your next milestone.  Never done a race?  Sign up for your first 5K using the Couch-to-5K program.  If you have a few 5Ks under your belt, go for a 10K.  Done the 10K? Might be time for a half marathon? Check out Active.com for the 2012 race schedule in your area and sign up right away!

What is on your 2012 Bucket List?


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  1. Mbfgmike says:

    I love all these ideas!! As for me I plan on doing my first TRI. I did #3(get high) and want to do it again, but I think no mater what shape you’re in, it’s a but kicker. It killed me, but for some reason I just want to go back. Another great post sherry! Keep it up

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m going to run a marathon for the first time.

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