PlankADay Hard As A Rock Video

Mike AKA @mbfgmike and I  are happy to report that over 1,500 people have joined #PlankADay since it started on June 20, 2011.  We put out a call for your plank pictures to see who all these hard CORE folks are, and we got a fantastic response!  Plankers of all ages came out!   I sent your pictures to the always brilliant Robyn Fazzalari-Bauman, founder of Robyn’s Nest Video Creations to turn them into our very first PlankADay Hard As A Rock Video!

Thank you for planking and I hope this inspires you to stay hard CORE!

If you haven’t checked out PlankADay yet, click here for the details!  It is the MOST fun you’ll have doing abs.  Guaranteed.


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  1. can’t WAIT to get home to watch this. unable to do so from work, but i KNOW it will be well worth the wait.

  2. Such a cute video and very inspirational as I got some ideas on what I can do while I’m away from the home 🙂


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