A-Ha Moment

Our hearts. They race. Ache. Get broken. Their life is tough. They work more hours than we do and never sleep. They don’t complain, they just go along for our wild ride.

And the ride is wild… As the leading cause of death in the US, chances are you will have a heart attack eventually.

It’s very real and it’s coming. Watch this video to see what is going to happen when it comes.

If you need an A-ha moment to start living a healthy lifestyle,  use hers.



Thank you to the exceedingly brilliant, Robyn Bauman at RobynsNest Video Creations.  The song is Lose You by Pete Yorn.


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  1. mbfgmike says:

    Maybe I will fit my run in today

  2. Susan Bakke says:

    wow.. so scary but at the same time, reality, a wake up call to change!! before its too late..great blog!! I’m going to Zumba class tonight…

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