Boston Globe Covers PlankADay

Hey all you plankers!  Check out the article published Monday on about #PlankADay.  Our tiny abdominal strength challenge has grown to over 2,100 people across 4 continents, and it continues to grow every single day.  Check out the Boston Globe article here:  If you are a planker, add a comment to tell them how much you love it! also embedded our first ever PlankADay Hard As A Rock Video into the article!  See your fellow plankers showing off their stuff!

If you have yet to join #PlankADay, it’s never too late!  Check out the PlankADay page here on FUdiet for the scoop on how to get started.  All you need is a Twitter account (they are free!) and you are ready to go!  Tweet your planks, get on the Leaderboard if you can, but beware of the @plankpolice who will catch you if you slack for a couple of days.  Please also visit the PlankADay Facebook page for updates on PlankADay and other FUdiet postings.

Hate ab work?  We discovered how to make it FUN!

Look out, we are changing the world, one core at a time!


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  1. Just wanted to say I love the new site design! Oh, and congratulations on the well-deserved publicity for plankaday!

  2. This is great!! Commenting on the Boston Globe article too. Well done.

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