PHOTO CONTEST: Health Technology in Action!

Do you use technology to help you get healthy? Maybe mobile apps for exercise, nutrition, or weight loss?  Sensors that tell you about your activity, sleep, or moods?  Games that are active and burn calories?  Online social networks to interact about health?   If so, please enter a photo of someone using health technology for the Translational Behavioral Medicine journal photo contest!   The winning photo will appear on the COVER of the journal!  Translational Behavioral Medicine is a multidisciplinary scientific journal that is sponsoring a special issue on smartphones, sensors, and social networks for health behavior change.  As co-editor of the special issue with Dr. Gary Bennett of Duke University, we are hoping to find some great photos of people using health technology to get healthy!  The winning photo will appear on the cover of the special issue which will be distributed to thousands and posted on the web for all to see.  So get out there and take some great pics!   Also, I will post ALL the photo entries, including the winning photo, on FUdiet!

Rules:  Photo size should be at least 700 width x 500 height in pixels. Written consent must be obtained from persons in the photo, the photographer, and the individual submitting the photo prior to the time of publishing.

Deadline:  Please submit your photos by May 1 by email to

If you are an academic or industry researcher or a professional in the technology industry, please check out the Call for Papers for this special issue. We are looking for papers from researchers, tech professionals, and developers. 


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