Dump The Junk Videos: Volume 1

Last week I made a call out to challenge everybody to open their refrigerators, cabinets, and drawers in homes and offices, and Dump the Junk!   Let’s start a revolution AGAINST junk food!  We DON’T need it to survive and we DON’T need it to be happy!

To get the revolution started I joined my close friends and family in dumping some JUNK this past week.  We stomped our feet, got out our baseball bats, golf clubs, SUVs, and ummm… toilets to help us DUMP THE JUNK!  Watch and enjoy the destruction of junk food!  Speaking from experience I can say dumping the junk was MUCH more fun than eating it!!  The next time you are confronted with some junk food, be sure to DUMP THE JUNK!  Oh and don’t forget to send me the pics and videos!

Ok here goes! Let’s DUMP THE JUNK!

Birthday Cake Baseball featuring Mike Bauman @mbfgmike and Ross Grantham

Bye Bye Donut & Cake Drop  featuring Mike Bauman @mbfgmike

Cupcake Stomp featuring Sue Bakke @suebakke and me!

Drive By Dumping & When God Opens a Window Shoot a Candy Bar out of It   featuring Julie Mulcahy @ptrunningmomof4 and Nick Mulcahy

Munchkin Golf  featuring @suebakke and me!

Pop Pop Pop Goes the Cake featuring @mbfgmike and Peyton Grantham

Dump The Junk Michigan Style featuring @mbfgmike and Ross Grantham


THANK YOU TO ALL MY JUNK DUMPERS and a STANDING OVATION FOR ROBYN BAUMAN, for compiling these videos.  Please check her out at Robyn’s Nest Video Creations for all your video needs.


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  1. I am definitely sad that I’m not moving to Michigan.

    • mbfgmike says:

      Come on make the move! You know you want to. You bring the junk food and ill bring the explosives.

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