How To Know If You Will Ever Accomplish That Goal

I started blogging on Psychology Today a few months back and so I will start linking to those posts here on FUdiet so you don’t miss a thing.  Below is the intro to my most recent post, click on Keep Reading to view the rest and to visit my blog, Shrink on Psychology Today.  FUdiet will stay alive though, so stay tuned for more content!

I counsel people who want to lose weight; many have big goals: 50 lbs, 75 lbs, 100 lbs. The reality is not many people lose this kind of weight and among those who do, many will gain it back. However, some people will achieve the goal and remain successful. Who are these people? What are they doing that the others aren’t? Weight loss is just one example, but this applies to any major life goal whether it be career, relationships, or learning a skill. How do you become the person who is able to change his life– for good?  Keep Reading…



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