Why Weight Loss Is About So Much More Than Diet and Exercise

Could overeating be a sign of an existential crisis? 

Susan* came to me for counseling saying her weight and eating is “out of control.”  She is 41 years old and 230 pounds.  She weighed 150 pounds when she got married 15 years ago, but gained weight with each of 4 pregnancies and then continued to gain weight thereafter. She home schools her children full-time. She says she believes she has a “food addiction” because she thinks about eating almost all the time.  She blames this on being home all day surrounded by food.  When she’s not having a meal or a snack, she’s thinking about when the next one will be.  Continue reading….

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  1. Karen says:

    Thx for this; feels as if it were written about me, despite the fact that my circumstances are totally different than Susan’s. I’m retired, live alone and am approaching seventy. Bingeing to fill an existential vacuum is a far better description than emotional eating. The really surprising thing is that references to Victor Frankl have come to me from at least a half dozen different directions in the past week. I’m a book fiend trying to reduce my collection of thousands. I boxed Man’s Search For Meaning last week to donate because years have passed and I still haven’t read it. (Probably decades…I have lots of books like that!) I’ve retrieved it and will definitely read it NOW.

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