Sherry’s Weight Loss Research Update

I am heading to San Francisco next week to present some of my research findings at the Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Conference.  The theme of the conference is technology and health behavior change so I took the opportunity to showcase some of my technology-related research. I created 1-minute videos summarizing 2 of my talks.  Check them out!

Social Support for Weight Loss:  Online Friends versus In Person Friends

Punchline:  We found that people who use Twitter to talk about their weight find their Twitter friends to be significantly more supportive, a better source of information, and more helpful than their Facebook friends, in person friends and family members when it comes to their weight loss journey.   Twitter may be a useful tool to garner social support for weight loss.  So consider tweeting the pounds off, folks!

Are Weight Loss Mobile Apps Evidence-Based?

Punchline:  Our paper is under review so I can’t say much as of yet except that MyNetDiaryPro (paid version) was the app that came out on top using our rating scheme.  Contact me if you would like to learn more about our findings.

Stay tuned for more research updates!  We just published findings from my large clinical trial on weight loss and depression and I will be writing about that study and what it means for you in the next week.

Like these videos?  They are courtesy of Robyn’s Nest Video Creations.  Check Robyn out for your video needs!

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