Virtual 5K Video Is In!

On the weekend of February 23-24, runners and walkers on 3 continents came together to do a 5K wherever they were in the world.  It was called Twitter Road Race.  Racers ran or walked in their neighborhoods, at local parks/trails, or on their treadmills.  To step up the challenge, we asked participants to add some planks to the 5K and to send us pics!  Check out the racers and their planks in our first Twitter Road Race/PlankADay Virtual 5K!  CONGRATS to Dan Carvalho for winning the BEST PLANK contest!

#PlankADay and #TwitterRoadRace are events that allow us to celebrate exercise, health, and social connection. If we make it fun, it will be something we want to do not something we have to do.  Please join us for upcoming events!  If you missed it this time, keep an eye on Doug Cassaro’s blog, “I run because…” for the next race.  Invite your friends and family too, our goal is to make healthy lifestyle go VIRAL.  We need YOU.

Many kudos to Robyn Bauman of Robyn’s Nest Video Creations for putting our event to music!

Don’t plank naked! Buy a #plankaday t-shirt here!

Still not planking?  Check out the #plankaday challenge!  Not on Twitter? Join us on Facebook!

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  1. Susan Bakke says:

    Amazing video!! I loved it..What a wonderful job on another spectacular video creation by Robyn’s Nest, to our founders of #Plankaday, Sherry & Mike and to Doug Cassaro for planning another fun filled Twitter 5K Virtual Road all rocked it!!!

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