Boston Strong #PlankAnHour Challenge April 22

Last Monday, #PlankADay hosted a #PlankAnHour challenge in support of the Boston Marathon runners. We vowed to plank once an hour between the hours of 7am and 7pm, roughly the hours of the marathon. At about 3pm, the challenge came to a halt.  The celebratory mood had shifted to one of shock and grave concern.  One planker put it best, “my planks have turned into prayers.”

It has been a long, unbelievable week.  The recovery period has only just begun.  I am inspired by runners from all over the world who are sporting their “Boston Strong” t-shirts.  I interpret this newly coined phrase to mean “we all stand together.”

PlankADay will be Boston Strong too!  We are going to reprise that Boston Marathon PlankAHour TOMORROW, Monday April 22, 2013 7am-7pm.  We will be doing one plank every hour.  Please join us!  Planks can be any duration you desire and feel free to throw in a few side planks or other plank variations to round out your day.  If you aren’t able to do the entire challenge, jump in for an hour or two or more to show your support.  Be sure to use the #plankanhour hashtag!  

The past week has brought us unspeakable tragedy but the stories of strength, inspiration, and support speak so much louder. In my last post, I recounted the moments of inspiration I observed as a spectator at the Boston Marathon.  So many moments of inspiration have followed. Consider dedicating each plank tomorrow to a moment or person that inspired you in the last week or just use the time as a moment of reflection.  We are Boston Strong.

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