Happy 2nd Plankiversary!

On June 20, 2011, the first #plankaday tweet was fired off.  It is two years later and almost 9,000 plankers have joined the ranks. Some people aren’t aware that #plankaday started as a pact between me and Mike Bauman to help each other stay accountable to a small behavior change.  Lucky for us, a community formed around us and it has made doing abs a ton of fun.  Mike and I have a new pact.  Each year #plankaday stays alive we vow to plank for 1 min for each year, every hour for the 24 hours on June 20.  This year is the 2nd plankiversary which means we owe 2 minutes of planks every hour starting at 1am on Thursday, June 20, 2013!  

To help encourage us this Thursday, and even more importantly, to celebrate small healthy changes, tweet us your planks and plank pics with the #plankiversary hashtag.  No need to plank all 24 hours, even just one plank will do!  Also, check out the stream for our crazy late night plank tweets!  It sounds like a good idea now, but how will we feel at 3am???

We had a ball last year on our #plankiversary—-here are some of the tweets and pics we got from Plank Nation.

Thanks again for planking along with us!  Plank on!

Read more about the science of plankaday here

How to join #plankaday? Click here


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