Hashtag Your Way to Health?

I was in London at the Medicine 2.0 conference this week presenting a study I did with colleagues on health hashtags on Twitter. The conference theme was social media so our study was one of many about ways that social media is being leveraged to promote health.

The video of my 10 minute talk is below, but let me share with you the highlights…

We followed 30 health hashtags on Twitter for 50 days and this produced 458,350 tweets or 9,167 tweets per day!  See the list of hashtags below in order of most to least frequently occurring.  The hashtag that ruled the day was #girlsgonesporty, which is the hashtag for a website of the same name, it provides health and fitness information for women.  We were, of course, excited that our #plankaday hashtag ranked in the top 10 too.

The bottom line is that hashtags are being used on Twitter to report healthy behaviors, participate in healthy communities, engage in chats, and connect with others with similar diets and exercise regimens. If you haven’t checked it out, you should! And if you haven’t started your own hashtag, I challenge you to do it!  Our study found that hashtags started by individuals had almost as strong potential for spread as those started by companies.  #PlankADay is living proof of that. So get tweeting and see if you can hashtag YOUR way to health…


Top Health Hashtags on Twitter

1. #Girlsgonesporty

2. #Myfitnesspal

3. #getfit

4. #fitfluential

5. #makeitcount

6. #c25k

7. #livewithfire

8. #sweatpink

9. #plankaday

10. #tiuteam

11. #trx

12. #weightwatchers

13. #fitblog

14. #lowcarb

15. #getafterit

16. #rwrunstreak

17. #rdchat

18. #wwchat

19. #fit4life

20. #runstreak

21. #pspfit

22. #5aday

23.  #lowfat

24. #yogaaday

25. #imagreatist

26. #fitbloggin

27. #100pushups

28. #drop10

29.  #getstarted

30. #irunbecause


Pagoto, SL., Evans, M, Whited, MC, Vickey, T, Schneider, KL.  Hashtag Your Way to Health?  The Use of Hashtags to Create Healthy Communities and Spread Health Behavior on Twitter.  Presented at Medicine 2.0, September 2013, London, UK.

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