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I am excited to announce the launch of the FUdiet Facebook Group*, a fun, supportive, informative community around weight loss and healthy lifestyle.   Join us!

What is it?  A free, private, invitation-only group on Facebook for anybody interested in getting some guidance, goals, accountability, and support for weight loss.  All weight loss information is science-based.  No fad diets, no BS, no gimmicks, no quick fixes.  The program is based on what the research tells us works to help people lose weight.

How does it work?  Every week I suggest two goals and members get to pick either one.  Goals are simple, no-stress, straightforward, small changes that the research shows can have a significant impact on weight.  All week long members post updates on their progress and support each other.  Throughout the week I also post lots of information about the science of weight loss, nutrition and fitness. Members are also welcome to share any content they have found useful to their weight loss journey.  Recipes and pics of yummy healthy meals are welcome!

What can I expect? Expect to learn a lot about yourself, your habits, your strengths and weaknesses.  Expect to make friends. Expect to have fun!

Will I be inspired?  Yes! Several of my Real Life Biggest Losers are in the group working on their weight loss goals and sharing the secrets to their successes.  I can’t think of a more inspiring group of people!  Care to join their ranks???

When can I join?  NOW!

How do I join?  Email me at and I will have an invitation sent to your email address.

Hope to see you there!

*Be sure to talk to your physician before starting an exercise program.  Dietary advice is not tailored to special circumstances, if you have a medical condition that requires dietary restrictions speak to your physician or dietitian for dietary guidance that is tailored to your needs. We are not responsible for any accident or injury incurred during your participation. 

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