Twitter Weight Loss Study Is In The News

WCVB Channel 5 in Boston covered my study where we did weight loss counseling via “tweets.”  One of our participants talked about her experience in the study, check it out in the video.

Are you interested in joining a social network for weight loss?  Join my Facebook group! Email me at for more details.


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  1. cursor says:

    The video is very interesting.

  2. It’s amazing how a little support can really keep playing and help you stay motivated!

    I want to lose 4 stone im married in October so I’ve got plenty of motivation as well as a honeymoon in Mexico and would love to wear a bikini

    So far ive lost 4 stone in the last 2 years, but things happened in between, had a baby, parties ect ect!

    I love the fact that I have to give up my fave meals n still lose weight, my grandmother tells me: ur the only person I met on a diet eating mcdonalds n still losing weight haha 🙂

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