12 Things You Can Do While Exercising


Hey you multi-taskers! Feel like you have no time to exercise? Here are some ways to get more out of your exercise time while feeding your desire to get things done.

1. Watch TV. Yeah yeah yeah, everyone has a TV in front of their treadmills or other exercise equipment but it surprisingly doesn’t motivate us very well. We have to be more clever! Try finding a show that you will only allow yourself to watch while you are on the treadmill. Get a whole season on Netflix and the more exciting the show gets, the more you’ll want to hop on that treadmill to see what happens next!

2. Talk on the phone.  Been meaning to call mom? To catch up with a friend? Make calls while you walk. Put on some earbuds so you don’t have to hold the phone up to your ear and then hit the sidewalk. No need to pace the kitchen anymore, do a true blue walk while chatting.

3. Catch up on email.  Put “treadmill laptop holder” into an Amazon search and tons will pop up. Attach this to your treadmill and walk while you whittle down the inbox. Stress relief x 2!

4. Think.  Who here has time to think? <crickets>  None of us do! Exercise gives you time to unplug so you can organize your thoughts. You’ll be surprised of the ideas that come to you when you finally let your mind wander.

5. Hang out with a friend or family member. Find a workout buddy to exercise with and use the time to catch up on each other’s lives. Even if the other person doesn’t want to exercise, you can have them hang out with you while you walk on your treadmill or do your weight workout. For example, have your child or spouse hang out in the same room you are exercising and chat away. It’s nice to have the company too.

6. Listen to music.  Music has a powerful effect on mood and energy. Create a playlist  that you only listen to while you exercise.

7. Journal.  Exercising at moderate intensity means you can carry on a conversation. Using the voice recorder on your smartphone you can keep an audio journal of your thoughts, create a to do list, create your grocery list, or take audio notes on anything you want.

8. Meditate.  Not only do we wish we had more time for exercise, we wish we had time to meditate. Combine the two! Try some mindfulness-based exercises while exercising. Focus on your breathing, rid yourself of distracting thoughts, and find inner peace while the calories melt away.

9. Read.  Put “treadmill book holder” into an Amazon search and tons will pop up. The attachment holds a book or magazine so you can use the time to get some reading done!

10. Listen to book on tape. Have you fallen behind on that reading list? If you are dying to dive into a juicy novel, get the audio version and make a deal that you can only listen while exercising. Next thing you know you will be both fit and well read!

11. Rake leaves, shovel snow.  Even if these aren’t your usual chores at home (e.g., hubby or a lawn service does it), take over because they are huge calorie burners. Set a timer so you know how long you’ve worked out and then look up the calorie burn. These tasks are just as intensive if not more than typical exercises that don’t accomplish as much.

12. Walk the dog. Man’s best friend will surely love to be your exercise buddy. Start a regular dog walking schedule to get you and your pooch fit—one that is more than a quick stroll down the street and back for potty time. Don’t have a dog? Find an elderly person in your neighborhood who could use help with their dog walking.

Would love to hear your ideas too! What activities do you do while exercising?

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