Happy Plankentine’s Day Challenge!

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, you know what that means, don’t you? Me neither! So let’s show some love to our abs on this Valentine’s weekend with a #plankaday challenge! Here are the deets:

  1. Plank for a total of 14 minutes between Feb 12-14. You can plank in any increment, any number of times, anywhere, any how (front planks, side planks, whatever!) you want, just get in 14 minutes!

  2. BONUS! Post a pic of you planking next to your Valentine’s Day gift! The worse the gift, the better. We are talking wilted flowers from the gas station, cheap chocolates, and fuzzy bunnies!

  3. SUPER BONUS! Some of you hard core plankers are poo poo’ing 14 minutes. If that’s you, then your assignment is 14 SETS of planks (front, left side, right side) between Feb 12-14.

Have a planktastic Plankentine’s weekend! To be hard core, love your sweetie, but love your abs more 🙂

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