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I am Dr. Sherry Pagoto, a licensed clinical psychologist, Associate Professor of Medicine and co-founder of the UMass Center for mHealth and Social Media at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  I am an expert in obesity, nutrition, fitness, depression/stress, and cancer prevention. I have been continuously funded by the NIH and/or CDC  for 12 years and have published 141 papers in scientific journals including JAMA, NEJM, Obesity, JAMA Internal Medicine, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, American Journal of Public Health, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  I have a book called  Psychological Co-Morbidities of Physical Illness (Springer, 2011).  My work has been featured in Time.com, NPR.org ( and here,  here and here), NBC NewsMSNBC.com, CNN.com (and here), ABC News (and here and here), Washington PostReuters, WebMD, KevinMD.com (and here, here, here), Boston.com (and here and here), Live Science,  BostonInno (and here), Telegram & GazetteScienceDaily (and here), Boston Magazine (and here), New York Daily News, FoxNews.com (and here), AARP (and here), MedPageToday, MobiHealthNews (and here), CBC News,  TalkAboutHealth.comBlog Talk Radio, Huffington Post (and here and here), Daily Mail, and Elderbranch.  I have been a repeat expert guest on the NECN Morning Show, see a selection of my spots below.  As a social media enthusiast, I started an exercise trend on Twitter called #plankaday.  #Plankaday is now one of the top 10 most popular health hashtags on Twitter with over 10,000 users (join us!) and it has been featured in the Boston Globe.  I have a blog called Shrink, on Psychology Today and have frequently guest blogged for US News and World Report and KevinMD. Opinions expressed are my own and not of my employer.

In this video I discuss the 5 most important keys to successful weight loss:

WCVB ABC Channel 5 News Boston Spot on my research on using social media for weight loss.

Fox News 25 spot where I talk about how Twitter can help you lose weight.

NECN Morning Show Spots

Check out this NECN Morning Show spot where we discuss my research on weight loss mobile apps.

Check out this NECN Morning Show spot where we discuss what it means that Abercrombie & Fitch does not make larger sizes for girls but do for boys, and how parents can respond.

Check out this NECN Morning Show spot where we talk about what the dramatic rise in arm lift plastic surgery means about our collective body image.

Check out this NECN Morning Show spot where we talk about how the idea of the “perfect body” has changed over the years and whether the focus on body size is healthy.

Check out this NECN Morning Show spot where we talk about the psychosocial consequences of “fat shaming” pregnant women.

Check out this NECN Morning Show spot where we discuss how to make your holiday traditions a little healthier.

Check out this NECN Morning Show spot where we discuss how women can change their body image just by changing the way they talk about their bodies.

Other Video/Audio Media Spots

Check out my Medicine 2.0 talk on health hashtags on Twitter.

Check out this video presentation of my recent paper on weight loss mobile apps in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Check out this Boston.com Radio BDC spot where we talk about #plankaday and spreading health via social media.

Check out this NPR Common Health segment, where I discuss some of my work leveraging smartphones to help control eating behavior.

Check out my interview on BlogTalkRadio about emotional eating and stress (I even recite my fad diet poem!).

See my Public Appearances page to find out where I will be presenting next.

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  1. Ceri Marsh

    Hi Sherry,
    I’m the health editor with The Kit, a beauty and health magazine from Canada. We publish digitally and in print but you can check us out here, http://www.thekit.ca. I’d love to include you in an upcoming feature. Is this the best way to get in touch?
    Thanks so much and I look forward to connecting,

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  3. William Burke

    I was a Behavioral Psychology student (undergrad and about 100 credit hours of grad school at Western Michigan University). Saw you site mentioned by WMU Professor Wayne Fuqua on Facebook. Enjoyed watching your video and learning your 5 keys to successful weight loss. I will visit your site frequently and hope to make it part of my social support system (your 3rd key to successful weight loss.

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