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#HolidayPlankStreak is about more than planks

TweetThis year’s #plankaday holiday challenge has inspired us to have our planks make a difference (to more than our abs!) by donating $1 per use of #holidayplankstreak hashtag to a good cause. Our cause of choice this year is Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program. This […]

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21 Days to Change a Habit? Why It’s Not That Simple

Does it really only take 21 days to create a habit? This hopeful concept has sold a lot of books. But if it were true, we’d all be

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Happy Plankentine’s Day Challenge!

It's almost Valentine's Day, you know what that means, don't you? Me neither! So let's show some love to our abs on this Valentine's weekend with a #plankaday

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The December 2015 #Plankaday Challenge

Why limit yourself to 6 geese a'laying, 7 days of Kwanzaa, or 8 crazy nights when you can have 31 days of #plankaday?   I'm talking about the December #plankaday challenge which involves a 1

Amy G July 2015

How Do You Lose 100 Pounds

Well, that's a pretty big question. I have to defer to Amy Greenan, a member of my FUdiet Facebook group who just passed the 100 lb weight loss


Taming Hunger

Check out my latest post, Taming Hunger, on US News and World Report Eat+Run blog... Appetite is a tricky thing. Some people seem to be hungry all the time,

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Why Diets Shouldn’t Tell You What NOT To Eat

I recently started blogging for the Eat+Run section of US News and World Report. My first post covered my team's research comparing two diets: the traditional diet that


Too Stressed To Lose Weight

Stress causes the trifecta of weight loss failure: it makes us overeat, zaps our motivation to exercise, and by exhausting us, makes us more sedentary. I have seen


Dining out: A treat or a habit?

When I was a kid in the late 70’s/early 80’s going out to eat was a treat. When your birthday came along you’d get excited because that was


Last Minute HEALTHY Gift Ideas

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about making the healthy choices for yourself but also about exuding health in everything you do and that includes gift giving. 

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