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Could Alcohol Be Your Weight Gain Culprit?

TweetThe holiday season is officially in high gear which means most of us will be raising our glass a time or two….or few. While most people are not alcoholics, excessive drinking is actually pretty common.  According to the Centers for […]

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Party Like A Healthy Rock Star

‘Tis the season of parties…every weekend. If you are lucky like me, in addition to holidays, you have a slew of birthdays in the next month too. With

xmas plank

Tis The Season For A Plank Streak

The holiday season is upon better time to go streaking, right? Yes! Then join the holiday #plankstreak !  No it's not planking naked (unless you really want

wet shoes

The Real Reason We Don’t Exercise

A friend of mine came back from one of those crazy obstacle races and commented, “I’m finally used to walking around with my shoes, socks, and feet soaking


12 Things You Can Do While Exercising

  Hey you multi-taskers! Feel like you have no time to exercise? Here are some ways to get more out of your exercise time while feeding your desire to

5 ingredients or less

The Unfortunate Consequence of the “Whole Food” Movement

Imagine your roof has a leak that could cause damage to your home. You want to repair it but it will take a lot of effort. You believe


How to Stop Hating Your Body

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…. Who has the worst thighs ever?! Chronic body dissatisfaction is an epidemic. Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself from a long


The Phrase We Should Never Say Again

"Boy, she could really use to lose a few pounds." We've all said it one time or another. This post is a call to put an end to this

warning beauty

Men Are Fat Shaming Targets Too

Every time a celebrity shows up at the beach without a picture perfect body (according to some perceived standard) they end up on magazine covers with headlines like

baked beans

Holiday Weekend High-Fiber Food Porn

We have some exciting research coming out soon about the impact of dietary fiber on weight.  Consuming about 14 grams of fiber per every 1000 calories each day

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