Plank A Day Revolution

Hate ab workouts?  I hate them MORE.  I hate them so much that I have never been able to do them for more than a few days without quitting.  As a result  my back and abs are weak and pitiful.  My friend Mike has the same problem.  To get motivated, he and I started Plank A Day on Twitter.  Here is how it works:  the goal is to do 1 plank each day and then tweet your plank using the hashtag #PlankADay.  The @plankpolice will keep you accountable!  What is a plank?  It is one of the best abdominal/core exercises (and NOT a crunch).

Click here for plank instructions and a Q&A with a physical therapist.  How long to plank? Start wherever you can (10 secs, 30 secs) and just build from there. 1 minute is the time a lot of people shoot for eventually.   If we all do this together then we HAVE to do our planks!  We are building a PlankADay Nation!  Please join us!  If you don’t have a Twitter account, they are free.  Sign up, follow us: @DrSherryPagoto and @mbfgmike and shoot us a message that you are ready to get planking!  We will tweet you a message here and there to see how you are doing.  We like to keep it fun by coming up with ridiculous ways to tweet our planks…so feel free to add a plank-related pun for fun!

Who is the @Plankpolice?  Law enforcement for ab slackers!  He keeps everyone in line with reminder tweets when you fall off the plank wagon.  If you need a break from planking, never fear, the @Plankpolice will only remind you twice after you stop using the #plankaday hashtag, and then he’ll give up on you.  If you want to get back in the planking game, just start using the hashtag and he’ll know you are back for more!

Check out the PlankADay Leaderboard to see who the top planker on Twitter is!

Want to mix it up? Check out Julie Mulcahy, MPT, #PlankADay physical therapist demonstrate some plank variations here.

Check out your fellow plankers in our First PlankADay Hard As A Rock Video! A must watch!

*Before starting an exercise program always consult with your physician.

UPDATE  We are 11,000 + people strong!  We were named as one of the top 10 Fitness Memes on Twitter by!  Read the chatter with a #plankaday search and follow your fellow plankaday’ers to give them support and see what they are up to!  We have some hilarious PlankATweeters!  Let’s follow each other to build our nation!  Also, check out the write-up about PlankADay at:


Psychology Today

Boston Globe

Fit Milwaukee

Diets In Review

The Kit

Chatelaine magazine


And hey, don’t plank naked, get a PlankADay t-shirt!!!

Worried about all the research showing that sitting time is harmful to your health?  Try the Plank An Hour Challenge:  For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, consider attempting the 8-hour Plank An Hour Challenge where you perform a 1 plank per hour during the workday.  Invite your co-workers to join you!  Tweet your pics or post them on the PlankADay Facebook page.

For PLANKspiration, here are some pics and videos of a few of our AWESOME plank a day’ers PLANKIN’ IT HAPPEN!


Planker @_rinni saves children by wrestling down a hippo that charged a playground!

Viva Las Plankas!!!










@duffyreese Family Plank at Thanksgiving Dinner!










Husband VS Wife Plank War

Husband Sings Row Row Row Your Boat While Planking

Granny planker

Husband and Wife Invite Unsuspecting Dude (aka “mother planker”) to Plank with Them, then Small Children Attack

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