PlankADay Contests

Why just plank when you can make a game out of it?  Check out these fun plank challenges to try!  Challenge your fellow plankers or me and Mike @mbfgmike!  We are always game for a PlankADay challenge!

Happy Anniversary #PlankADay Challenge:  24 hours of planking challenge–we asked plankers to join us in planking 2 minutes every hour for 24 hours on June 19 to mark #PlankADay’s second anniversary.

Boston Strong Plank-An-Hour Challenge: 12 hours of planking to honor those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

#PlankADay Virtual 5K:  PlankADay teams up with #TwitterRoadRace to get people from all over the world running and planking together.

Plank-An-Hour Challenge –  Check out this challenge where you plank around the clock from 8am to 8pm.

Plank-At-Work Challenge – Check out this challenge where you plank at least once a day at work for an entire week.  Gain points by luring unsuspecting coworkers into planking and huge bonus points for getting the big boss to plank.

Plank-An-Hour-At-Work Challenge – You guessed it, in this challenge you plank EVERY hour at work. Not easy!

Happy Planksgiving Challenge:  Check out this challenge where plankers were asked to get unsuspecting family members to plank at gatherings on Thanksgiving weekend (and tweet the pics!).

PlankADay ThankADay Challenge – This is a great one for November.  Every time you tweet your plank, mention something you are thankful for.

PlankADay 1st Anniversary:  To celebrate #plankaday’s first anniversary we challenged plankers to join us in planking 1 min per hour around the clock–24 hours–on June 19, 2012.

PlankADay How Many Things Can You Name in 1 Minute Challenge  In this challenge, try to name as many ice cream flavors, sports teams, Tom Cruise films, breakfast cereals, anything you can think of.  Tweet your totals with your plank and see who gets the most!  Sounds easy but watch out for brain freeze at the 45 second mark!

Got a PlankADay Challenge to submit?  We’d love to hear it!


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