Table of Contents


Confessions of a Lapsed Diet Journaler

Why Diets Shouldn’t Tell You What NOT to Eat

Too Stressed To Lose Weight

Dining Out: A Treat or a Habit?

Last Minute Healthy Gift Ideas

A Graduate Course in Grocery Shopping

Alcohol and Weight Gain

Tips for Surviving Parties Without Weight Gain

The Unfortunate Consequence of the Whole Food Movement

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It’s Time To Do Something About Your Sleep

Why Does Weight Loss Feel Like Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?

Why Do I Need To Track Calories To Lose Weight?

How Goal Setting Can Hinder Your Success

How To Get More Out Of Your Weight Loss/Fitness Mobile App

The Perfect Diet Doesn’t Exist

The Healthy Workaholic

Why We Sabotage Ourselves

How to Know Which Diet is for YOU

Why Weight Loss is About So Much More Than Diet and Exercise

How to Know if You’ll Ever Accomplish Your Weight Loss Goal

How to Never Gain More Than 5 Pounds for the Rest of Your Life

The All or Nothing Dieter

5 Ways To Make Diet Journaling Easier

Too Exhausted To Lose Weight

What Lance Armstrong Has in Common with the Extreme Dieter

Is Stress Contagious?

The Power of Negative Thinking

Are You A Boredom Eater?

Four Words We Should Never Say Again: I DON’T HAVE TIME

Failure to Launch:  I Just Can’t Get Started Losing Weight

I Want To Lose Weight.  How Do I Get Started?

6 Things You Should Know About Setting Your Weight Loss Goal

Need an Ah-Ha Moment To Inspire You to Get Healthy?  (watch at your own risk)

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Breaking Through A Plateau

The Experienced Dieter’s Dilemma: I Overeat HEALTHY Food

How to Blog Your Way to A Healthy Weight

6 Ways Your Family and Friends May Be Ruining Your Weight Loss Effort

The 10 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes People Make

How Your Personality Can Help You Lose Weight

I Gained It All Back

Dealing With Hunger

Stress Becomes You

How to Use Social Media to Lose Weight

Need Healthy Buddies? Find Them Here!

Travel and Weight

Get Over Your Sugar Addiction

10 Ways To Improve Your Weight Loss Potential in 1 Minute

Lost Your Way on the Journey

How To Lose 60 Pounds

Is Your Weight Your Fault?

I Have No Time For This

Battle of the Belly Bulge

How Do I Get A Family Member To Lose Weight

My Weight Is Drifting Up

Is Vitamin D Gonna Help Me

Afternoon Crash

Can’t Help But Compare Myself To Others

This Is Your Body on Stress

Is There A Magic Pill for Weight Loss?

Two Ways To Increase Willpower

Help! I’m Surrounded By People Who Eat Junk Food

What People Pleasers Should Know About Weight Loss

Slim Fast:  Fad Diet or Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tool?

Why Ice Cream SHOULD Be In Your Weight Loss Plan

Why Should I Care About Healthy Lifestyle, I’m Not Fat

Carnie Wilson Has 2nd Bariatric Surgery, Is Surgery Ever the Right Choice?

I’ll Finally Be Happy When I Lose This Weight

Dealing with Saboteurs, Negative Energy, and Naysayers

Why Do Some People Say They Want To Lose Weight But Then Don’t Really Try


12 Things You Can Do While Exercising

The Real Reason We Don’t Exercise

Why Exercise is the KEY to Weight Loss

Four Words We Should Never Say Again, “I Don’t Have Time”

Are You Just Going Through The Motions?

On Pain and Injury

How Exercise May Just Save Your Genes

Baby It’s Cold Outside–How to Keep Up the Motivation in Bone Chilling Temps

Is Exercise Making Me Gain Weight

Can I Exercise When I’m Sick?

TV Is Exercise Equipment

What You Need to Know About Exercise and the Sun


Are You A Mom Or A Martyr?

Men Are Fat Shaming Targets Too

The Phrase We Should Never Say Again

How To Stop Hating Your Body

The Fatkini: The Swimsuit That Has Everyone Talking

We Are All Too Sexy For Abercrombie and Fitch

Happiness Is…

Overcoming Emotional Eating

I’ll Finally Be Happy When I Lose This Weight


Does Virtual Weight Loss Coaching Work?

Research Update: Mobile Apps and Social Networks

Fitbit Review

Genetic Testing: Why I Did It and How It Changed My Life

Weight Loss Mobile Apps of the Future

8 New Health Technologies That May Change Your Life


We Are All Too Sexy for Abercrombie and Fitch

The Psychology of the Magic Pill

On Obesity and Genetic Destiny

And the BEST Weight Loss Diet Is…

10 Signs That A Weight Loss Plan is a Scam

Super Foods Don’t Have A Super Effect on Your Waist Line

Soda Pop:  To Tax or Not?

Hotflashes, Politicians, and Other Downward Dogs


Does Anyone Really Lose Weight Forever?

Weight Loss is a Mental Not a Physical Process

Exercise is a Daily Dog Fight

Abandon Perfect

Delete the Word Diet From Your Vocabulary

How One Marine Became the Biggest Loser

You Are Tougher Than You Think You Are

Don’t Wait To Love Yourself

The Email That Changed My Life 100 lbs Ago

452 lbs to IRONMAN

What’s Next For This Biggest Loser? Bungee Jumping!

I Credit Myself

We Need A Team To Keep Us Going

The Business of Losing Weight

Always Remember How Good You Feel When You Are Healthy

It Takes A Village to Raise A Healthy Person

I Woke Up One Morning And Threw Away All My Excuses

I KNOW I can Live Like This

Weight Off My Shoulders

Believe You Can And You WILL

Real Life Biggest Losers:  Cousins Edition

I Wanted to do the Impossible

Wow, I Should Really Make Time for My Health

This is My Way of Life Now

Can you be a Real Life Biggest Loser Post-Menopause?


Twitter Weight Loss Study In the News

What Is The Best Diet?

Hashtag Your Way To Health

Sherry Planks While Presenting Her Research


Tis the Season for A #PlankStreak


Happy 2nd Plankiversary!

Instant Recess: Getting Short Exercise Breaks Into Your Day

Virtual 5K  and Virtual 5K Video

Reasons To Exercise Contest

Reasons To Exercise Contest Submissions

Reasons To Exercise Contest WINNERS

November PlankADay ThankADay Challenge

September PlankADay Challenge

August Plank At Work Challenge

July Plank An Hour Challenge

Health Technology Photo Contest


Memorial Weekend High Fiber Food Porn

Boston Marathon 2013



Labor Day Weekend

July 4 Weekend

December Holidays/Gift Giving

New Year’s Bucket List

New Year’s Resolution Rescue: How To Keep it Alive All Year Long

Valentine’s Day

Groundhog’s Day


Happiness Is…

Why You Exercise

What You Give Up For Exercise

Your Favorite Body Part

How Do You Feel RIGHT After You Exercise

The Habits of Real Life Biggest Losers



Sherry Planks Her Way Through A Presentation

PlankADay:  A Case Study of Health Behavior and Social Networks

Why PlankADay Isn’t Just About Planks

Happy 1st Birthday PlankADay

The Joy of Planking

Planking Q & A

PlankADay Hard As A Rock Video

The Boston Globe Covers PlankADay!


Robbie Volume 1

Jen: I’m Tired of Being Tired, Volume 1

Amy: It’s Going to Take Some Time, Volume 1

Angie: Positive Change is Contagious! Volume 1

Sally: I Feel Like My Body is a Complete Stranger, Volume 1


Celebrity Diets That I Made Up

Celebrity Diets That I Made Up Volume 2

Dump The Junk Videos Volume 1

Dear John Letters to Restaurants That Suck

10 Things That Get An FU


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