Dr. Pagoto, a licensed clinical psychologist and social media expert, offers the following training workshops.  Workshops can be tailored to your needs, ranging from 1 hour to full- or multi-day depending on the training needs.

How To Start Your Own Twitter or Facebook Weight Loss Program. Our research shows that coaching patients online can be an effective way to help people lose weight.  Why spend a fortune on a commercial online program when you can run your own with your staff?  Twitter and Facebook are freely available interfaces you can use to set up a coaching community for your patients. In this workshop you will learn how to set up and manage such a program, how to develop engaging content, how to build capacity and track outcomes.

How Social Media Can Advance Your Academic Career.  As a social media enthusiast, Dr. Pagoto conducts workshops and seminars on how social media can be leveraged to advance the academic career.  This seminar focuses on why academics should engage in social media, the potential benefits to the academic and the field, and the risks we take by not having a voice in the public conversation about health and medicine.

How To Create A Social Media Presence (for academics and health care professionals).  In this hands-on workshop, participants learn about different social media tools, how to create a social media presence, how to decide which social media tools best match the users goals, the do’s and don’ts of social media, and a step-by-step for getting started.  Attendees will enter as newbies and leave as tweeters!

Blogging for Academics.  Attendees will learn about the costs and benefits of blogging, how to write for blogs, how to manage a blog, the pros and cons of guest blogging vs hosting a blog, do’s and don’ts of blogging, and how to efficiently run a blog.

Twitter for Academics.  In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn everything they need to know about how to develop and maintain a productive and fruitful Twitter experience. Participants need not have any experience with Twitter and will leave with an active account and a social media plan that is tailored to their goals and time commitment.

Using Social Media in Health Behavior Research.  In this seminar I review the various ways that social media is being leveraged in health behavior research, including recruitment, intervention, measurement, and observational studies. Methodological issues and human subjects issues relevant to the use of social networks in research will be discussed.

Behavioral weight loss counseling for the general population.  Dr. Pagoto is an expert in the delivery of the Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Intervention, a behavioral weight loss program proven in large clinical trials to reduce risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.  She helped to launch a DPP program in 2004 at the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center and has been a provider in that program ever since.  She has also utilized the DPP lifestyle intervention in multiple research studies and has trained providers with a wide range of training backgrounds and in a variety of settings ranging from community mental health centers to outpatient clinics.

Behavioral weight loss counseling for consumers with severe mental illness.  Dr. Pagoto has extensive experience training mental health professionals in lifestyle counseling targeting consumers with severe mental illness, including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and major depression.

Behavior therapy for depression.  Dr. Pagoto recently co-authored a treatment manual for Behavioral Activation Treatment of Depression (BA), an evidence-based therapy for major depressive disorder. She has extensive experience training mental health professionals both nationally and internationally in BA.  In 2009, she traveled to Kurdistan Iraq to train community mental health workers in low-resource, low-literacy settings.   She has also conducted trainings at Ft. Stewart Army Base in Georgia, at the Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Conference, and at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

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