What is FU Diet?

Ever feel like you know what to do to lose weight, but you just don’t do it?  You know what to eat and how much.  You know exercise is good for you.  The problem is not in knowing what to do but in figuring out HOW to do these things all the time?  That is the hard part.  FU diet is all about the HOW.

“FU Diet” is not a diet.  No meal plans. No recipes.  FUdiet is For You (what did you think it stood for?!?).  A grassroots mission to fight the unhealthy forces around and within us.  We live in a society filled with unhealthy choices and temptations, and many of us are struggling with less than ideal genes when it comes to our appetites and weight.  Making matters worse is that we are inundated with fad diets, magic pills, and other empty promises of skinny bodies in 30 days without even trying.  This is where another FU comes in…  It is time to give the forces working against us a big FU (“FORGET YOU”… or any other fitting phrase you like).   Achieving health is not about dieting or magic pills, it is about living a healthy life.  My mission is to help you understand the forces working against your weight and health with the latest science on obesity, appetite, exercise, and health, and help you achieve a healthy weight.  For this, I will share with you only the strategies that have been shown to be scientifically effective; not gimmicks, fads, or something that sounds good, but doesn’t work.

Let’s declare war on an unhealthy food industry, a war on our society that will be won at the grassroots.  Pick up your weapons soldiers, and let’s fight the good fight.  Unhealthy lifestyle is a society problem, not an individual problem.  To transform ourselves, we must transform our homes, families, and communities.  Let’s do it together by creating a network.  Join the journey by following along, and definitely check out my Healthy List community on Twitter, read about Real Life Biggest Losers, or join the PlankADay Revolution  Feel free to comment, read, and/or follow me on Twitter at @DrSherryPagoto.

I would love to hear from you too.  If you have a suggestion, request, or topic you would like to hear more about, please email me at sherry.pagoto@umassmed.edu.

Need a few FUs? Here’s a few to kick things off…

FU to fad diets…they don’t work.

FU to magic pills…they don’t exist.

FU to the food and drug industries…they want our money.

FU to saboteurs…they are insecure.

FU to stress…it is killing us.

FU to fear…it is holding us back.

FU to willpower…it is in our control.

FU to fatigue…it can be overcome.

FU to the perfect body…it is an illusion.

FU to self-doubt…it is the boogeyman.

FU to feeling alone…you aren’t.

You’re here.

Thanks for reading.



7 thoughts on “What is FU Diet?

  1. Mbfgmike

    CONGRATULATIONS SHERRY on the FU diet!! It’s a great thing your doing by helping people live healthier lifestyles. I proud to join the Fu diet revolution!

  2. Steve Messineo

    Hello again Sherry,

    This is a great website. Love the content. Hope you don’t mind me occasionally promoting your articles on my site and facebook fan page (with full credit to you of course).

  3. Amanda

    Love what you are all about. I got chills reading your beliefs about the core issue of learning HOW to make the important changes in our lives in regards to our health and happiness! I’m a personal trainer and I am currently writing class materials getting ready to teach a class called Mindset Makeover. From my personal experiences and my experience as a trainer I know that people who do not have positive motivational connections do not typically see success and/or remain consistant with their health and fitness. I’m super excited to have come across your website and I will make sure and share it with my class. The more positive supportive information they can surround themselves with the better! Thanks!

    • Sherry

      Thanks Amanda! Great to hear your feedback! It definitely takes a community not a fad diet, we have to create that for ourselves and each other. MUCH appreciated!


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